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The Wayfarer is a biannual journal distributed by Homebound Publications that explores humanity’s ongoing introspective journey.

A wayfarer is one who chooses to take up a long journey on foot. The journey we chronicle within the journal is that of our path across the inner-landscape of our own being, as we reach for answers to the central questions of our existence. Spirituality is the culmination of the individual’s desire to understand the deeper meaning in life. The works found within The Wayfarer are those small truths we gather while traversing the breadth of our days; shared in a belief that through an exchange of insights we help one another move forward.

The Wayfarer is released twice a year, on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. We currently publish both poetry and prose. In each issue we feature travel writing, short stories, interviews, original art and photography. We seek to explore the spiritual progression we are currently experiencing as individuals and a global community. We consider each piece we publish to be a milestone marker along the road to a fuller comprehension. We welcome everything from commentary articles, to well-developed essays to late-night scribbling, jotted down in moments of acute clarity.




Would you like a subscription to the print edition of The Wayfarer?

We currently offer a 1 year subscription to the print edition of The Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative Literature for the price of $29.95

This subscription includes 2 issues of The Wayfarer [shipping included]. The Wayfarer is published bi-annually on the autumnal and vernal equinoxes. It is a full-color journal; saddle stitch binding with a final length of between 42-44pgs. The journal sells for $12.99 per issue in our Magcloud store + shipping. Through your subscription, which includes shipping, you will save upwards of $2.50. Additionally, as a subscriber, you will receive your copy a full two weeks before official release date.

Unlike so many magazines on the market today, The Wayfarer is not filled with excessive Ads. It is our endeavor to entertain and intrigue, not bombard you with promotions. Our 44 page journal, so rich with content, it is more likened to that of an anthology than a literary magazine.

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The Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative Literature 

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